How to bring your orchid back to life
How to bring your orchid back to life
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How to bring your orchid back to life

An orchid can bloom for about three to six months. And after that, you certainly shouldn’t throw it away. Because with some love and attention you can bring your orchid back to life many times! This way you can enjoy the plant all year round. We’ll give you some tips.

How to bring your orchid back to life

There are several possibilities to bring a Phalaenopsis orchid back to life:

  • Has the plant been extinguished, but is the stem still green? Cut the stem off halfway. Your orchid probably will grow again from here.
  • Is the entire stem dried out? Cut it off completely and place the orchid in a cooler room than it normally stood. Continue to care for it as you did before. From the moment of cutting off the branches, it will take about 100 days for the orchid to flower again.

With other orchid varieties, such as Cambria, Dendrobium, Miltonia, Oncidium and Paphiopedilum, you can cut the stems off completely right away, as they don’t re-emerge like the Phalaenopsis. Continue to care for it. And with these varieties, it is important to keep giving manure, as they will only start to bloom again when the plants have grown large enough.

Orchid care

The orchid doesn’t need a lot of attention, but with the right care it can bloom for a long time. In summer it only needs to be watered once a week. In the winter this will be even less: once every ten days is sufficient. The best way to water your orchid is to use the kitchen sink. Water the plant for about 15 seconds, and allow it to drain for about 15 minutes. Is this too much of a hassle? Then pour a little bit of water in the pot of the plant, and not in the plant itself. Always be careful to avoid overwatering, you don’t want to drown your plant. 😉

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