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The most beautiful flowers of your holiday destination

It’s summer… which means: vacation! Time to travel and discover new places. Summer is also the period when nature is at her best and the most beautiful flowers bloom. Where are you going this summer? Whether you are traveling on holiday in the Netherlands or abroad.. Every country has its own distinctive flower that you will encounter on holiday. Do you already know which flower belongs to your holiday address?

Tulips from the Netherlands

You do not have to go abroad to enjoy colorful landscapes. The prettiest flowers and color festivals can be found in the flower region of the Netherlands. Every spring hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world visit the Keukenhof in Lisse to see millions of tulips. The Keukenhof, located in a small region named the “Bollenstreek” (flowerbulb region) is only open for a short period of eight weeks a year! If you’re living in the Netherlands you’ve probably been there with your family (if not, this is a big tip!). Next year the Keukenhof opens the 22th of March until the 13th of May.

Also in the late season, there are many colors: gladioli, dahlia and carnations provide a picturesque pallet.

You can enjoy the beautiful flower fields in the Bollenstreek from mid-March until mid-May. The whole area is colored with blooming flowers and the lovely smell is everywhere. In addition to tulips, flowers like crocuses, daffodils, dahlias and hyacinths bloom the entire summer period, which offers breathtaking holiday sceneries. Each year across the Netherlands from spring until the end of summer over twenty grand flower parades provide great fun and beautiful flower arrangements for locals and tourists.

Sunny France and Italy

The ultimate summer holiday feeling… vast fields full of beautiful sunflowers. Get amazed by these happy flowers, as you travel to the sunny south of France and Italy. Where you will find the most spectacular flower fields. The sunflower blooms between June and August. In a short time, the flower grows up to three meters long! To grow sunflowers you need sufficient light. Did you know that the sunflower is always turning towards the sun? In France, the sunflower is called “tournesol”.

It’s as if you’re in a live Vincent van Gogh painting.

There is only so much that reminds you of France as the distinctive smell of lavender. The vast lavender fields in the Provence are therefore the visual signature of southeast France. There are several lavender routes that lead you to the most beautiful places. Depending on the area, the lavender blooms between mid-June and the end of August. Did you know that lavender also has a calming effect? This will help you relax the rest of your holiday!

The beautiful purple colored hills attract a lot of tourists to the Provence region every year.

Spanish passion

There are many different types of flowers in the Spanish landscape. This has to do with the location and the different climates. A lot of greenery, including forests and pastures, is found in northern Spain, in the mountain region of the Pyrenees. In southern Spain, the Mediterranean climate ensures the growth of beautiful wild tropical flowers and plants.

The Strelitzia reginae (also known as the “bird of paradise”) you’ll find in southern Spain.

Whoever has been to Spain will not be able to overlook this flower: the carnation. This blood-red flower is the national flower of Spain. The flower stands for passion and desire, which makes it often a perfect gift for loved ones. Also the red carnation symbolizes friendship. During national holidays and traditional Spanish flamenco dance, the red carnation is worn. The Spanish men often bear the red carnival on their jacket or vest and the Spanish women carry the flower in their hair.

The dancer wears the red carnation in her hair.

Flowery Portugal

Like its neighbor, Portugal has a varied flora. Because of the tropical climate in the south, the most beautiful flowers can be found in this section. The Southern Algarve, famous for its beautiful beaches and nature, has more hidden treasures. In this region you will find the most charming flower: the cistus rose. The flower appears in many colors like (light) pink, purple or white with yellow accents and also smells delicious!

From April, the cistus roses colors the hills in the interior and along the coast to a happy place.

Are you fond of flowers? The Portuguese island of Madeira, also known as the “Flower Island”, is the ultimate for flower lovers. Thanks to the mild climate (the temperature is around 16 and 22 degrees), this island is a breeding ground for all kinds of exotic flowers. A must for nature lovers!

Enjoy Greece!

If you think of Greece, most likely you think about blue beaches and white houses. Also typical of Greece are the beautiful flowers that grow up against the whitewashed houses. One of the loveliest flower species is the colored bougainville. The flower has striking colors like red and purple, which produce very magnificent pictures! In nature, they can grow up to 4 meters high. The bougainville requires a lot of sunshine, which is why you’ll encounter this flower in countries with a Mediterranean climate.

The bougainville is mainly found in countries around the Mediterranean. The flowers are surrounded by strikingly colored, papery leaves that remain long for the plant.

Don’t say goodbye to the summer feeling

Coming home after a wonderful holiday… never fun. To keep the warm memories of your holiday a little longer, we have a handy tip:

Buy the flowers of your holiday destination and put them in a beautiful vase. The delicious smelling flowers on the table will surely remind you of the fantastic holiday and summer sun on your face. Let the holiday feeling last forever!

Sunflowers reminds you of that wonderful holiday in France!