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Plants approved by pets that won't kill them

Pet friendly plants

Are you fond of beautiful plants and your beloved pet? In that case you might sometimes face a dilemma: which plants can I use to make it a little more cosy in my house, without endangering my pets? Good news: it’s possible!

Beach style interior with phalaenopsis

Create a relaxed beach house ambiance

Who doesn’t want a house on the beach? Wouldn’t it be the ultimate relaxation to enjoy sun, sea and beach every day? Whether you live at the beach or just dream about the sound of the sea, you could create this ambiance in your own interior.


Easy makeover with colourful orchids

Many people want a different interior, but an entire renovation is often too much work. With coloured accessories however, it is quite easy to give an interior a new look and feel. Of course this also applies to the most colourful accessories out there: flowers and flowering plants, such...

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