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Just what we need: Green in the city

Green and the city doesn’t feel like a natural combination, but that’s starting to. I say it all the time: ‘nature is what we need more of’. Green is lovely and can be seen more and more everywhere, in designer homes, hotels, restaurants, offices and public spaces, than ever before. So, I was happy to read there are plans to green up grey cities.

Going green

Green in public places

Cities with ‘living green’ are essential for our wellbeing.  In Paris they have set a step in the right direction. Paris just passed a new law that allows anyone to plant an urban. Upon receiving a permit, you can grow plants on walls, rooftops, or fences. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo’s goal is to create 100 hectares of living walls and green roofs by the year 2020. This stunning seaside home in Mexico designed Ezequiel Farca Architects is setting the trend.

green seaside home mexico Ezequiel Farca Architects

Wanted: Spiderman gardener

Oasia Hotel Downtown - Singapore

In tropical Singapore architects designed a green skyscraper. Plants creeping across the facade and several sky gardens in order to cool the building naturally. Cooling buildings is necessary since it’s so hot. Luckily the plants don’t require too much maintenance. And it’s a great way to clean the air of the dirty city and save energy, although I have to agree with the architect it particulary looks stunning!

Green is not a trend

Since plants have many health benefits, I think these developments don’t illustrate a trend, but a significant shift in our thinking. The people from thecoolhunter.net think that greenery is increasingly used  in design overall, since design is reflecting what we collectively desire.