A healthy children's room with the help of plants
A healthy children's room with the help of plants
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A healthy children’s room with the help of plants

When you think of a children’s room, you probably think of a nice color on the wall and a lot of toys. But did you know that a healthy climate also is important? There are many polluting substances in the air. No reason to panic, it’s just good to pay attention to it, because too many of these substances can be unhealthy. Fortunately, you can easily take care of that: with plants! In this article we’ll tell you more about a healthy children’s room.

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A healthy children’s room

You don’t see them, but very small pollutants fly through the air. They come from paint, wallpaper glue, new furniture, curtains and floors. Things that most people have or use at home. Examples are benzene; what usually is found in glue, paint, plastic and detergents, formaldehyde; a gas that is used in the production of leather and carpet, and trichlorethylene; solvents used in various synthetic materials. Unfortunately, you can’t remove these substances with cleaning agents, because some contain them theirselves.

With the help of plants

But how do you remove these substances from the air? With the help of plants! Certain indoor plants purify the air from unhealthy substances. In addition, they convert CO2 into oxygen, absorb fine dust and formaldehyde with their leaves, and make dry air more humid. The Anthurium is a good example of such a plant, it’s very effective in purifying the air from formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene and xylene.

So how many plants do you need to purify the air in the nursery? That depends on the size of the plants. For example, an Anthurium in a pot size of 14 cm (6 inch), one of the most popular pot sizes, requires only one plant per 4 m2 to purify the air sufficiently.

Make sure you place all the plants in the children’s room high enough, for example on a shelf or stool. Because we don’t want the children to be in danger, ofcourse.

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