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8 plants that keeps mosquitoes away

It’s lovely to sit outside on a summer evening  to enjoy your garden. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are also fond of this warm weather and they can brute disturb this heavenly moment of relaxation by keeping buzzing around your head.

If you think finding peace inside, noting is more annoying than to find out that they have followed you to your bedroom to keep awake at night. Fortunately, there are some plants that have an anti-mosquito function. So you can keep mosquitoes naturally at a disctance.

Planten_muggen_cintronella, mint_ENG

Citronella or lemon grass

The citronella plant or lemongrass keep mosquitoes at a distance because of their strong smell. The fun of lemon grass is that you can eat it too.


A fresh mint tea is delicious, and it can’t be any fresher than from the garden. An additional advantage, mosquitoes do not like it. You can put this plant better in a pot because it grows easily and once he is in your garden it’s difficult to remove. If you put a pot at the door, you keep the mosquitoes immediately outside.



Mosquitoes hate the smell of lavender. All the more reason to plant those along the border around your terrace or lovely pots. Do the mosquitos also bother you in the bedroom? You can also rub your skin with lavender oil. The scent of lavender also works relaxing, so if you fall like a log to sleep.

Basil and rosemary


Basil and rosemary are not only delicious herbs to give food from the barbeque extra flavour, they also scare away mosquitoes! Basil is also a panacea to soothe mosquito bites, if you unfortunately are bitten. Roll the leaves in your hand, until the oil comes out and rub the mosquito bite with it.

Lush (vegetable) garden


Mosquitoes also hate the smell of garlic and onions, so if you plant those in your garden it reduces the nuisance. Don’t you like garlic or onions Catnip and marigolds also seems to do the job.

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