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Show who you are phot exposition Daniel Bruno Grandl

Show who you are with an orchid: unique photo exhibition

The orchid is unique and versatile. So versatile that it’s even possible to find an appropriate orchid for every personality. It is therefore the ideal personal gift (link). For the unique photo exhibition “shows who you are” the internationally renowned street style fashion photographer Daniel Bruno Grandl photographed 12 universal personality types in street style setting and matching orchids.

The wonderful result, of course, coupled with an abundance of real orchids, can be seen during his first photo exhibition from 1 to September 14 simultaneously in the Art’otel in Amsterdam, No Such Place Covent Garden in London, l’Espace Beaurepaire situé in Paris and Gallery BERLIN BLUE art space in Berlin.

“Orchids are easier to photograph than men, but they are at least as different and character,” said the 33-year-old Daniel Bruno Grandl.

Daniel Bruno Grandl is an internationally known and popular street style photographer who travels the world to photograph the crowd around leading fashion weeks. His work can be seen daily on his popular fashion blog and social media channels, which he started with the idea to record how fashion can be seen in everyday life. However, Daniel is not about fashion alone. According to him, it is the personalities that make the difference.

Because of the almost infinite diversity the orchid is able to show who you are. Do you want to know which Orchid suits you best? Take the test at