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Houseplant nanny
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Nanny for your houseplants

No matter how much I love plants, sometimes I forget to water them because of the daily hustle or I give them in a rush too much water. Time to look for a houseplant nanny at houseplant appreciation day.

Everyone who is busy or often away for a long period of time probably recognizes that their plants aren’t always in their happy zone (read: have lack of water). I thought there must be another way in times of smartphones, smart TVs and with smart refrigerators around the corner. Wouldn’t there be such thing as a smart planter as nanny for your houseplants, so plants always have enough water?

During a night of googling I came across a couple of systems and even, self-watering planters that sounded promising. Here is a round up!

self-watering planters

Áquo by Opti-Flor, H2O-Bloom, Aqu@ easy care by VG Orchids, Aqua Easy, Aquastick and Waterwick are a few of the systems I came across.


All these systems work more or less the same. They have a water reservoir which makes sure that plants always have a stock of water and that they could drink just as much as they need through a wick or a stick. The creators promise that you can easily water a lot less than with regular planters and that it has a positive effect on the growth and flowering of the plant. Pouring and then enjoying a beautiful plant sounds great right?

The only ‘downside’ is that you have to find a pot which can cover the system, so it also looks nice. In that case UndrCover is a nice option, this water buffer systems has trendy covers that match your interior and you can even design them yourself!

The by far most luxurious self-watering planter comes from Lechuza. They made a watering system inside a stylish justified planter, that’s available in different sizes, shapes, colours and finishes. Although this might by the most expensive nanny for your houseplants (nothing less than the best for our beloved green friends right?), it’s also probably the most durable since these pots are made by the creators of Playmobil (unbreakable toys), so they can probably take a beating 😉

lechuza-orchidee lechuza-systeem







The operation of the irrigation system. Picture: Lechuza

With all these systems you never have to worry about over-watering your plants, but you still have to top the water reservoir once in a while, otherwise they will still dehydrate. Luckily  the self-watering planters of Lechuza also feature a handy water level indicator (the tube with the red mark). As the water level gets below the red line it’s the sign that the plant wants a new stock of water. Really easy! It’s now waiting for an app that warns you when that time comes, but that cannot last much longer, can it?