Blooming London Heathrow Airport - Bloomifique
A giant floral map of the world is unveiled at London Heathrow Airport.

Blooming London Heathrow Airport

You could say that London Heathrow Airport blooms every day with millions of people passing through, but this week the Airport was literally blooming with a giant world map made (11ft by 18ft) of fresh flowers.

This living artwork was created by Florist Larry Walshe using around 2,000 fresh flower stems to celebrate the new season of fragrance. Over 2.6 million bottles of perfume are sold at Heathrow every year. The map offers a unique insight into the four key fragrance notes of the new Autumn/Winter season: woody, fresh, oriental and floral and showcases which are the most popular scents right around the globe: jasmine (28%), lavender (27%) rose (24%), vanilla (20%) and sandalwood (19%).