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Must follow instagrammers who love to use flowers in their interior.

6 instagrammers to follow for flourishing inspiration

Instagram is the place to be for flourishing inspiration and at Bloomifique we love to participate (we would love it if you follow us @bloomifique 😉 ). However, regularly our start beating faster from the loverly bouquets posted by other instagrammers.

Therefore hereby six instagrammers who show that it really isn’t difficult to bring a colour explosion in your home with flowers.  Most of them are Dutch, but luckily the language of images is universal, so that shouldn’t be an obstruction to enjoy their beautiful pictures.


Manon from @lustvoorhetoog shows that flowers in the house are not difficult at all. Some green leaves and a beautiful large Anthurium at the center of the attention. Sometimes it’s that simple.


It can be this simple. Combine a few colourful flowers together to bright things up. Milou (@miljoetju) knows how to do it and she even makes gorgeous photos!


A large vase full of fresh flowers fits everywhere. Nice that @styleandsugar lets us enjoy the beautiful bouquets.


Yke of @ynterior_ shows that you can achieve a great effect with just a few flowers. Wouldn’t this make you happy instantly?


Super nice to see how Angelique @lieks_home uses flowers as a colourful eye-catchers in a bright interior. I think there is no place in her house without flowers.

Bloemen! #pluktuin #myhome #hema

A photo posted by Angelique (@lieks_home) on

@ een.kijkje.door.mijn.ogen

@een.kijkje.door.mijn.ogen demonstrates that you do not always have to buy a lush bouquet of flowers to get some fun at home. Less is more.

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