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5 reasons why plants make you perform better

It’s not a big secret: plants make you perform better. But why? These five reasons make them true performance boosters!

The Olympics are about to start. Athletes have trained four years to shine in Rio. Do you also want to give your best performance? Whatever you do plants could help to drop an Olympic worthy performance at your work or while studying!

Waarom planten helpen een Olympische prestatie neer te zetten

#1: Plants produce oxygen and some purify the air

Let’s start with the basics. It’s a simple fact we human beings need oxygen to perform. The fact that plants deliver this makes them our best friends. And as you might know the air we live in isn’t always that clean. So on top of delivering oxygen there are some plants, like the Anthurium, that clear the air for us and remove particulate matter!

#2: Plants give energy and help to concentrate

Because plants produce oxygen, they give us energy. Besides they also help to concentrate. To drop a top performance you should place all your attention on one task. But this is easier said than done. This is where plants come to the rescue. Research show that they help to increase attention and concentration when working on a tiresome task like studying. Looking at nature, a potted plant in this case, has a healing working. Your ‘attention muscle’ is able to recharge, making you less tired.

#3 Plants reduce stress and enhance your mood

Another great result of the fact that you’re less tiered and better able to concentrate is that plants reduce stress by 11% shown in some studies.

#4 Plants increase productivity

If you’re feeling better, you’re working harden. All the benefits above result in the fact that plants make you more productive. A study has shown that participants completed computer tasks 12% faster in green offices than in offices devoid of plant life.

#5 Plants make you more relaxed and happier

This might be no surprise anymore, plants have positive impact on performances and as a bonus plants also make your happier! So all the more reason to be around plants more often. And off course they just look fabulous and brighten up a room!

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