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Chocolate coloured Anthurium flower hat

The 10 most original hats with flowers

Each third Tuesday of September striking hats are spotted on Prinsjesdag (opening of the Dutch political year). I’m wondering if there are hats with flowers this year. Plenty of possibilities!

Pinsjesdag is about the new plans of the government for the coming year. However, it could also be seen as the day of the hats, because the female ministers try to outdo each other with extravagant hats. Each year we see hats in all sizes and with all kinds of materials under the motto the more striking the better. These flower hats wouldn’t be misplaced in this tradition.

1. Orange extravaganza

Flower hat

2. Go big or go home

Hugh flower hat

3. A touch of gold & chocolate


4. Colour mania

Colourful flower hat

5. Covered with vanda

Vanda Orchid flower hat

6. Spring simplicity

hat with spring flowers

7. Flower power

ROYAL ASCOT - DAY ONE - Tootsie Rollers singers with flower hats

8. Summer in autumn

Summery flower hat

9. Fashionable eye patch & hat

Anthurium flower hat

10. Bigger than big and yellows

Big yellow flower hatMore inspiration? Check our flower yourself Pinterest board!

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