“Showing you the beauty of flowers and plants” - Bloomifique
Meet the girl behind bloomifique

“Showing you the beauty of flowers and plants”

Earlier you could read what you can expect on Bloomifique.com and although I do not necessarily want to be in the spotlight, it’s eventually about the flowers and plants on bloomifique.com, I will introduce myself.

I’m Patricia a twenty-something Dutch girl who loves beautiful things and inspiring people. I missed a website where you can find everything about flowers and plants. From care to styling and from over the top floral decorations to things that you can make you at home. On bloomifique.com I collect all the cool things with a Floral accent I encounter to share it with you.

My goal is to show that flowers and plants are not difficult, dull or old-fashioned, but that you can do an infinite number of things with them. Mostly they can change the ambiance in a room in a simple way. I love that there is always a plant or flower perfectly suited to a certain style (colour) trend.

Again, Bloomifique is not about me, but about lifestyle with a magic floral touch. I love to take you on an exploring journey!

Do you want to blog with me?

Together, you see more than alone, that’s why I’m always looking for enthusiastic writing talents with a love for flowers, plants, interior styling, fashion or travel. Do you once want to be a guest blogger? Please leave a personal message.