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These are the 7 most popular orchid varieties

The 7 most popular orchid varieties

Did you know there are about 25.000 variations of orchids? The orchid family therefore is one of the largest plant families on earth. The Phalaenopsis orchid is the most common one. And even this variety is available in many different shapes and colors! To inspire you, we listed 7 of the...

Anthurium colors

Eyecatcher alert: the wide range of anthurium colors

When you think of an anthurium cut flower or pot plant, you probably think of the red variety instantly. This is the most common anthurium. But did you know this plant comes in a wide range of colors? To inspire you, we’ve put a number of different anthurium colors in a row. Choose...

Edible flowers are healthy

Pretty, healthy & tasty: edible flowers

Dishes with flowers are almost to pretty to eat. However, combining food and flowers goes way back. The Romans did it for decoration, while Chinese used them for the supposed health benefits. Now it turns out they were right: flowers are healthy!


The colour of roses say what’s in your heart

Recently Justin Bieber surprised his fans by handing out red, pink and white roses. Did you know each one has its own special meaning? This infographic tells which colour conveys your feelings the best. So you can express the right emotion without saying a word.

Plants approved by pets that won't kill them

Pet friendly plants

Are you fond of beautiful plants and your beloved pet? In that case you might sometimes face a dilemma: which plants can I use to make it a little more cosy in my house, without endangering my pets? Good news: it’s possible!

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