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Pots make the plant

Plants are always trendy, but the trends in the world of flowerpots change from year to year depending on the interior trends. Time to spot the latest trends so that our green friends look fabulous the coming months.


Happy green year

Plants are the most wanted accessory and bringing nature indoor is becoming more important as a way of life. So it’s no surprise that Pantone was inspired by nature and declared greenery as colour of 2017. Let’s see how to decorate with this vibrant colour.

White Phalaenopsis

50 shades of white in the considered luxury style

In a world where we get more and more impressions, we also increasingly need to rest. Less remains more. Considered luxury is an atmospheric, neutral style which evolves around attention for the small pleasures in life. The need to rest is satisfied with bright, quiet and fresh...

Flexa ColourFutures 2017 denim drift colour of the year

New interior trend: denim drift

Denim gets never out of fashion and it’s the trend colour for you interior in 2017. Curious about the styling options I dived into the Flexa ColourFutures 2017.

The florist of the futures by the Flower Lab

The florist of the future: a flourishing experience

Stopping by a florist for a moment to (let) put together a beautiful bouquet from the flowersea, I love it. Unfortunately it seems that other millennials (20-35 year) can’t always find the florist. Does the florist has a future?

Simplicity, nature and warmth are the home trends for the coming season. 2017 | Eijerkamp wonen @ VT wonen en design beurs 2016
Interior Spotted

Green is still hot and warm colours are becoming a must

The Dutch VT Wonen en Design Beurs is the place to be, if you want to change something in your house. At the biggest housing fair of The Netherlands, we went looking for the developments in the field of housing and design and discovered that simplicity, nature and warmth are the home...


Choose gold!

Gold, the symbolic colour of success and victory is back in interior decoration!  However, the trick is to use this colour subtly, without being blinded by the shiny metal.

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