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2 ways to style your Easter table

Do you have to organize the traditional Eastern brunch?  Make it grand and flourishing to celebrate also the beginning of spring. At they know how to create a flourishing Easter table with an botanic chic or stylish pastel touch.


Create your own blooming urban jungle

Transforming your home in an urban jungle with as many green plants as possible has been hot for years. It’s great to be surrounded by green, but I wonder: “Where are the flowers?” Since you can find those in the jungle for sure. Finish your urban jungle with tropical flowering...


Exotic Orchids in the back garden

Temperatures are starting to feel like spring after the freezing temperatures recently. Time to investigate what the new must-haves are for the garden, especially for those shadowy spots that always remain barren. And I have found them: Orchids.


A little treat to cure your winter blues

It has been cold and grey for a while. Time to beat the winter blues. Colouring your home with a Phalaenopsis is a quick fix. I have asked 6 European bloggers to add some vivid colour to their plant gangs in anticipation of spring!


Pots make the plant

Plants are always trendy, but the trends in the world of flowerpots change from year to year depending on the interior trends. Time to spot the latest trends so that our green friends look fabulous the coming months.


Happy green year

Plants are the most wanted accessory and bringing nature indoor is becoming more important as a way of life. So it’s no surprise that Pantone was inspired by nature and declared greenery as colour of 2017. Let’s see how to decorate with this vibrant colour.

How to style your Christmas table. Picture: Oasis

3 ways to style your Christmas table

Christmas is around the corner, so just checking if we have everything covered. Christmas tree, check, Delicious food, check, great company, check. The only thing we need to take care of are some decorations for the dining table because  a Christmas table isn’t complete without...

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