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Happy living

Happiness brought by flowers.

Why flowers make us happy

The American University Rutgers researched the relationship between flowers and life satisfaction, where they looked at the behavior and emotional reactions of participants after getting flowers. It showed that the presence of flowers leads to happy...

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Happy living

Me-time: 5 ways to relax

In our busy lives we’re running from one place to the other, forgetting to pause and to enjoy the beautiful things in life. Leave your daily hustle and bustle behind and let you mind relax.

5 health benefits of houseplants
Happy living

Why houseplants make you feel better

Plants are the most wanted accessory because of their great looks. However, also considering their health benefits, I’m happy about the fact that green is becoming a part of our way of life more and more.

The trick to reduce work stress by bloomifique
Happy living

The trick to reduce work stress: go green

Of course everyone wants to be happy at the office, but unfortunately 1 in 7 workers suffer from work-related stress because there is a lack of things that give them energy. Fortunately, you can use this simple tip to improve your own job satisfaction more than you initially might think.

6 tips that make the transition from summer to autumn a little more easy and can help beating autumn blues.
Happy living

6 ways to beat autumn blues

The days are shorter, the temperature drops, leaves on the trees colour yellow and whirl slowly. In short, the autumn has begun. These 6 tips make the transition from summer to autumn a little more easy and can help beating  autumn blues.

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