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First aid care

Tips to keep your green friends healthy & happy.

Orchidee verzorging
First aid care

Orchid care: How do I take care of an orchid flower?

The orchid is one of the most popular indoor potted plants. Bet you have one in your home as well! The orchid doesn’t need a lot of attention, but with the right care it can bloom for a long time. So it’s well worth your time! In this article we’ll give you some tips for...

Houseplant nanny
First aid care

Nanny for your houseplants

No matter how much I love plants, sometimes I forget to water them because of the daily hustle or I give them in a rush too much water. Time to look for a houseplant nanny at houseplant appreciation day.

First aid care

Guide to a happy & healthy phalaenopsis

The phalaenopsis is the most popular house plant. And that makes sense with her stylish looks, extremely long flowering time. With these tips it will be even easier to care for this tropical beauty.

Anthurium plant with aquastick
First aid care

Coming home in a green oasis after your vacation?

When you return from your vacation you want to keep the relaxing feeling for as long as possible. If it could, you would even take the sun home in your suitcase. Fortunalty coming home in an empty house with plants that sadly didn’t survived your vacation is not necessary anymore.

First aid care

Enjoy peonies longer: 6 tips

Have you always wondered how you should take care of your peonies? These tips and tricks will help you, so that you can enjoy these colourful flowers as long as possible.

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