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DIY: how to make a Macramé plant hanger

In almost every interior you’ll find a Macramé plant hanger nowadays. Urban plant shops and webshops have a lot of varieties for sale. But why would you buy one, if you can easily make it yourself? It’s fun and saves you quite a bit of...

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Houseplant care Workshops in UK

No green fingers? Attend one of these houseplant care workshops

Do you love plants, but find it difficult to keep them alive or even green? Don’t be ashamed! And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy plants anymore either, because everything can be learned! There are really nice and fun houseplant care workshops, where you can develop...

make your own green terrarium

DIY: 3 ideas to make your own green terrarium

Terrariums are contained ecosystems, housed in transparent containers so you can see their beautiful earthly layers. They’re low-maintenance mini gardens, can last almost indefinitely with minimal water and are pretty to have in your home. Plus, they’re easy and fun to make...


Raining flowers above your dining table

A bunch of flowers always works to create a tasteful ambiance. Now there is a new trend: impressive decorations with flowers hanging from the ceiling. Imagine the instant feelings of happiness that this could evoke. Just as in love as I’m? You can create your own flower chandelier.

DIY upcysling form waste to vase

Upscycling: from waste to vase

A new year means new resolutions. With upcycling you can accomplish two of them at the same time. 1) relieving the environmental relieve a bit by throwing away less waste and 2) make the home cozier with unique vases.

DIY flower tattoo

Tutorial: dazzling flower tattoos

Floral skin decoration were hot at the runway of the New York and London Fashion Week and now you can do it yourself: Tattoos made of flowers!

DIY floral christmas tree

Make your own blooming tree

Flowers can’t be missed at any party, including Christmas. What’s better than a floral Christmas tree? Learn how to make one yourself.

DIY halloween floral decorations

DIY: lovely flowers with a spooky twist

Monday, it’s Halloween and when you think of Halloween, you think of pumpkins and skulls, but less rapidly of flowers. While they should not be missing, of course. With these DIY tutorials you can make floral decorations in style.


4 low budget DY geometric planters

Geometric flowerpots are hot and this trend seems to keep on going. Unfortunately they can be quite pricey. Don’t you feel like spending your hard-earned money to this, but do you want such trendy geometric planters? Make them yourself. That isn’t necessary difficult.

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